The Adventurers


"The workshops offer a moment in time when everyday life is left behind to make room for the visual discovery and creative expression through the lens of the camera . Allowing you  to become one with our camera."                   – Ginette Baldwin Chiasson



"I have always had a hidden passion for photography. After taking photography classes with Maurice Henri, I became aware of Artquest’s inspirational photo sessions. I can honestly say these sessions are quite amazing. They are not only a source of inspiration but they allow the hobby photographer to further his or her techniques as Maurice and Karen take time to teach skills at every session. The sessions have allowed me to meet up with other budding photographers with whom I have developed friendships. Lastly, as most people, I lead a busy lifestyle; therefore these photo sessions are my main source shooting sessions."

-Daniel Belair Account manager at Caisses Populaires Acadiennes -

"Taking a workshop in June 2015 with Maurice and Karen was a profound learning “moment” for me. It was not so much about the right setting on my camera or the best compositional technique to portray my subject it was much more than that. Maurice was able to communicate and establish an all important emotional connection I was seeing and then seeing them in a whole new light. The workshop was about seeing and feeling the scene before getting anywhere near the shutter button. This was a pivotal learning moment in my growth in photography. I am truly thankful to Maurice and Karen for their inspiration and dedication to our workshop. And thanks for taking up me to Freeman Patterson’s. " 
- Rick Dunphy -  PEI Photo Club Event Chair -

"While it has been nine (9) months since I have participated in Maurice and Karen’s Documenting Discoveries workshop (June, 2015) I am still reminiscing off the play and laughter that occurred. 

With the encouragement to ‘play’, ‘experiment’ and ‘take risks’ while trying to capture the essence of what drew you to the subject matter in the first place I feel that I grew both as a photographer and as an artist.

Maurice and Karen, I speak excitingly and fondly of the two of you to others in hopes of spreading the word of your power to inspire and I, again, hope to be a part of another of your workshops in the near future."

- Randy Bullerwell -


"When you take a course or workshop with Maurice and Karen you feel and see their fascination and love for photography. They share this completely with you. They are highly creative, fresh and original. They inspire you with confidence and  photographic abilities to make stunning photographs. You just need to put it to work for yourself. I totally recommend their courses and workshops. You will have fun and make fabulous photos. Thank you Maurice and Karen and I look forward to doing another session with you." 

- Lila Donavan - Health is Wealth Healing and Learning Center of Well Being

 "Maurice and Karen’s Shampers Bluff Photography workshop was more than a workshop! It was a visual, creative experience in an amazing place and in a friendly atmosphere! It’s not about who is the best, but about what is your best! Maurice and Karen created a positive atmosphere where we learned from them and from each other. I went home not only with a better understanding of how to create photographs, but with great memories!" 

- Ginette Baldwin Chiasson


ARTQUEST'S featured  artist

David Corkett



"Photography is not only about what you see, but how you see!"