Maurice & Karen offer you over 40 years of combined experience as Professional Photographers, Artists, Teachers, Humanitarians and Fellow travellers.

Our Desire to share our passion with others brought us to believe that creative people possess a constant thirst for exploration, discovery and expression, therefore cultivating their creative impulses to produce works of art.

Our Inspirational photography tours & workshops will aspire you to access their flow of creative energy In an nurturing environment.  

 Maurice Henri & Karen Casey invite you to join them in unique & stimulating environments where inspirations abounds.

Immerse yourself in this joyful process; express your creativity this relaxed and healing atmosphere and discover the vibrant cultures. Imagine a leisurely getaway where you indulge your creative spirit, have time for yourself and explore new paths of artistic expression. See yourself returning home renewed and recharged and with heaps of special images you created in your days away. 

Our workshops and tours are designed to be as stress free, comfortable ,and rejuvenating as possible. The Formula is simple, creating an environment where likeminded people can relax,revitalize and share their love for exploration and the creative process, using the camera to deepen self discovery and expression in and atmosphere of support, hospitality, comfort and friendship.



Workshop Leaders

Maurice Henri  Teacher, Photographer

Maurice Henri
Teacher, Photographer

Maurice Henri is an internationally known photographer and has been creating portrait, stock, advertising, commercial and industrial photography professionally since 1989.

His exhibits of the people and their life in Africa received critical and popular acclaim internationally.  His work has been acquired for permanent collections and has been shown in museums and galleries in Canada and the United States and is part of many corporate and private collections in various locations worldwide.

He is also the recipient of The Order of Moncton, the Rotary International’s Paul Harris Fellowship Award and the YMCA’s Peace Medallion, in recognition of his efforts.

Karen Casey  Teacher, Photographer

Karen Casey
Teacher, Photographer


Karen Casey, knew that her path in life would be to become a professional photographer since then she picked up her first camera. She received her Diploma of Fine Craft with a major in Photography from the NBCCD.

Shortly after, Karen opened a photography studio in the heart of Fredericton’s downtown. Wanting to spread her wings and travel, she decided to close the doors and travel outside the country for an extended period of time. 

Travelling for  several months, she experienced several countries and cultural while backpacking with her Nikon camera; allowing her to discover the world & herself as a photographer.  Returning home to Moncton to re-open her studio. Being an artist is pushing,breaking the boundaries of the medium we are exploring keeping her motivated,learning & exploring on a daily basis.  


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Some of Karen's Creations

Some of Maurice's Creations

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Message from Maurice & Karen


One of Maurice and Karen’s most enthusiastic passions is teaching. They have become widely recognized as an energetic and inspiring speakers, teachers and workshop leaders. Their photography teaching experiences includes courses, workshops, seminars and presentations at various organizations and institutions including Artquest Photographic Workshops (Peru, Alaska, Holland, New York, Canada, Colombia, Namibia), The Namaqualand Photographic Workshops (South Africa), Community College of New Brunswick, The Professional Photographers of Canada, Holland College and numerous Camera Clubs and Corporate Conferences throughout North America.

We will work hard to make this an experience you will want to do again. Our formula is simple, creating a photographic learning environment where compatible people and perhaps kindred spirits can relax, revitalize and share their love of the creative process, using the camera to deepen self-discovery and expression in an atmosphere of support, hospitality, comfort and friendship. We wish to create something special that makes it easy to be relaxed and feel at ease.

These workshops are for those who want to awaken or keep alive the explorer, the adventurer child within. It is for those who wish to experience authentic creative journey while having the comforts of the modern conveniences most of us are accustomed to. 

It is our belief that one of the greatest challenges of a teacher (in art as in life), is to help a student "find their personal way of conveying self-expression", so that they’re natural abilities, intuitive impulses and creative essence can manifest. Of course, if technical ability seems to hinder a particular avenue of expression, we have ample experience and mastery of technique to provide the necessary instruction.